About Dr/ Cherifa


My name is Cherifa Aboul Fettouh a Nutrition and Psychology PHD holder, and the Founder of Nutrition Planet. I chose nutrition because I have always believed that nutrition is the main director in our lives. Back then there was no information/awareness about Nutrition whatsoever in our country, yet, this made me eager to pursue it. I was attacked at first since people did not understand and were not aware of what I was doing, but with the help and support of my family, I was able to make it to the best positions in Nutrition. I started working in hospitals with inpatients, and then afterwards, with outpatients. I slowly started to gain some trust, as people started to believe that nutrition really does change lives. I was focused on delivering the message that “Nutrition is Life”. I hosted couple of TV shows since 2003, up till the present moment. I wrote 8 Nutrition books, one of which, is being taught to students at public schools. Lately in 2012, I started my dream project at the “Village of Scavengers” or “Qaryet el Zabaleen”.

It’s a random area in Egypt where the population there suffers from not only health problems, but also other social problems. I started raising awareness with the mothers regarding their own health, and the health of the whole family. As well as assist them with how to deal with other issues, by the help of God, and slowly gaining their trust, we have made a huge progress. As a WFP member, and responsible for “Your food, your health” Program, the UN were provoked to participate in a workshop there, and were impressed with the people, and the progress they have made. Thank God the project was a success. I have always believed in the saying, “Dream Big”, and therefore, I did dream big, and thank God, after all these years of hard work and passion to nutrition, I was finally able to create Nutrition Planet, where I dream to spread nutrition awareness as I perceive it.