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I need the exact address please ??

Date August 18, 2015

Answer From :Admin / Chriefa

Dandy Mega Mall Ground Floor, 28 kilometers Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road

We heard a lot about nutrition education, why do not we start to implement and how private and that the majority of children in our country are suffering from anemia significance What is the solution?

Date December 21, 2014

Answer From :Admin / Chriefa

The nutrition education to individuals on an ongoing basis is one of the most important things you have to be Bida in its implementation with the aim of the change in eating habits and urging eating natural Alagvehasahah natural children suffer from anemia as a result of Lsa awareness of food and consequently healthy nutrition must be rich food intake Balhdido diversity in sources of foods such as meat and fish, chicken and legumes, vegetables, fruits and urge to eat vitamin c, such as guava and orange with all meals to ensure rapid absorption of iron in the body